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Established in 1989; A & M Pallets are now the South West’s largest independent producer and supplier of new and reconditioned pallets from our sites in St. Austell, Tavistock, Launceston and Willand.

We provide the most comprehensive coverage throughout the South West from our 4 sites and are geographically unrivalled in providing the most robust supply lines in the pallet manufacturing industry.

A & M offer quick access to a professional and reliable pallet solution to suit all types of logistical requirements, providing full pallet delivery and collection services in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, and Avon.

We produce over 45,000 pallets a month and are dedicated to helping our customers find the pallets which best suit their needs.
Whether you are looking to purchase a small or large quantity of new pallets, used pallets, plastic pallets or ISPM15 heat treated pallets, here at A & M we guarantee to have something in stock to meet your requirements.

We are proud to boast a fully experienced team of regional managers and production staff who all keep quality as a high priority, maintaining our reputation of quality which cannot be matched by other pallet suppliers.

A & M prides itself on being able to offer a fully bespoke and tailored service, from the selection of pallets based on your requirement all the way through to pallet delivery by our team.

Whether you are looking to purchase pallets or are interested in our pallet recycling services you will be treated equally as a valued A & M customer and we look forward to working with you.

For more information on any of our pallets or services please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our timber pallet service not only leaves a smile on the faces of our clients and customers, it also supports many UK sawmills and their agents. We only purchase virgin wood stock directly from the most sustainable sources within our manufacturing process.

Not everyone wants and needs the same type of pallet. This is why our service is tailored to your exact preferences. We design and manufacture to the specification you provide to ensure we meet and excel your expectations.

Our experience in this field has allowed us to develop a process which makes quick work of producing many quality timber products. All of which will be delivered swiftly through our fleet of trusted delivery vehicles.



As part of our range of exceptional services, we include a used pallet service. What this involves is the supply of used pallets for a number of benefits. Despite being previously used, these pallets have been rigorously examined and repaired with state-of-the-art techniques, as well as using reclaimed timber.

We stock a vast number of meticulously graded pallets to make sure your business gets reconditioned pallets to suit your needs. From light to heavy duty pallets, we can cater for all requirements. In fact, being the South West’s biggest pallet supply company, we have a ready and available stock of over 40,000 reconditioned units to be delivered immediately.

We also match our used timber pallet service’s quality with convenience. Even our recycled pallets can be coded by colour, so your business can effortlessly identify their contents. If needed, we can help you with your pallet pool management as well. Upon delivery of original pallets, we are more than happy to retrieve your old ones for repair and then bring them back to you.



We are not just about our timber products at A&M Pallets. We also supply some excellent plastic pallets manufactured with polypropylene, unmixed HDPE, or even regenerated with granulated HDPE.

Our stock can fluctuate on a daily basis and certain pallets may be subject to availability. We can cater for most requirements; it is best to get in touch to discuss your needs with us directly.



Getting your new and refurbished pallets delivered to your doorstep in rapid time is not the end of A & M Pallets’ convenience factor.

We offer collection services with any of our deliveries, and collections as a stand-alone service too! We’ll clear away these workspace obstacles for you!

With our free no-obligation site visits and quotations, we’ll even buy them from you, creating a revenue stream for you. We pay for pallets of many different sizes, including European and UK standard sizes (1200 x 800mm; 1200 x 1000mm, respectively).

The Benefits Of Our Pallet Collection ServiceThe Benefits Of Our Pallet Collection Service

There are more benefits to our pallet collection service than you first think. These include:

Reducing fire hazards
Reducing potential health and safety risks
Ensure adherence to legislative obligations
Increase working space and capacity
Improved environmental practices
Additional revenue avenue



Timber pallets are the environmentally-friendly option for exporters of goods around the world. Using timber within manufacturing processes results in a major reduction of carbon dioxide being released into our atmosphere in comparison with other materials.

Timber pallets are efficient because they can be repaired, easily maintained and recycled. They are the ultimate transportation solution. Yet, there is one crucial thing that needs to be completed by businesses who use them to export. They need to adhere to ISPM15 regulations concerning the heat treatment of the timber prior to exporting



With a lots of different pallet options, we have put together a short guide to the various pallets so you can identify the type you will need.

Timber Pallets

Timber pallets are an exceptional choice because they are sturdy and can be tailored to your needs. They are also the green choice as timber is highly recyclable and manufacturing process produces less CO2 emissions; many unwanted pallets can be given a new lease of life after some minor refurbishment.