We are not just about our timber products at A&M Pallets. We also supply some excellent plastic pallets manufactured with polypropylene, unmixed HDPE, or even regenerated with granulated HDPE.

Our stock can fluctuate on a daily basis and certain pallets may be subject to availability. We can cater for most requirements; it is best to get in touch to discuss your needs with us directly.

Our Plastic Pallet Dimensions

Our plastic pallets can cater to domestic and international markets in the following sizes:

UK Standard – 1200 x 1000mm, European Standard – 1200 x 800mm.

Benefits Of Using Plastic Pallets

There are multiple benefits to choosing plastic pallets:

  • Plastic pallets can also provide the durability and strength needed to support the transportation of goods while remaining lightweight
  • They are easy to clean and maintain
  • These pallets adhere to exporting guidelines and standards without needing heat treatment like timber alternatives
  • They are resistant to solvents, chemicals and acids
  • Survive under extreme temperature fluctuations

Note: we are more than happy to provide outstanding new and used plastic pallets to our customers. However, at present, we are unable to provide customers with a recycling service for such products and do not offer a repair service. When disposing of your plastic pallets which are no longer deemed usable or safe for secondary uses, we may charge a fee for their removal. To get your queries answered, it is best to contact us; we are readily available and happy to help!