Our timber pallet service not only leaves a smile on the faces of our clients and customers, it also supports many UK sawmills and their agents. We only purchase virgin wood stock directly from the most sustainable sources within our manufacturing process.

Not everyone wants and needs the same type of pallet. This is why our service is tailored to your exact preferences. We design and manufacture to the specification you provide to ensure we meet and excel your expectations.

Our experience in this field has allowed us to develop a process which makes quick work of producing many quality timber products. All of which will be delivered swiftly through our fleet of trusted delivery vehicles.

We Cater For Big and Small Orders!

If you just need a one-off pallet for whatever reason, that is no problem too – no job is too big or too small for us. At the same token, if you are considering a larger order from us but would like a sample to view our excellent craftsmanship, that is also no issue. For your peace of mind, we are happy to deliver a sample prior to you placing a big order.

Our Packing Boxes

If your business is constantly storing or distributing goods, you may well be interested in our crates and packing boxes. We manufacture an array of these useful products and make them hold the weight of your storage safely. Additionally, we can also line your box to expel moisture and keep your contents free. All of our boxes are made from quality timber and different thicknesses of ply-board.

Product Compliance

If you choose our crates or packing boxes, you are assured that they comply with all required regulations such as ISPM15. They will be marked, stencilled or colour codes with company details.

For any queries or concerns, please contact us at your earliest availability.