Timber pallets are the environmentally-friendly option for exporters of goods around the world. Using timber within manufacturing processes results in a major reduction of carbon dioxide being released into our atmosphere in comparison with other materials.

Timber pallets are efficient because they can be repaired, easily maintained and recycled. They are the ultimate transportation solution. Yet, there is one crucial thing that needs to be completed by businesses who use them to export. They need to adhere to ISPM15 regulations concerning the heat treatment of the timber prior to exporting .

What is ISPM15?

ISPM15 is an internationally agreed regulation to safeguard practices when exporting goods around the world using timber products. It states that timber pallets, boxes and other storage-type containers must be heat treated before being used.

Our Heat-Treat-Only Service

At A & M Pallets, we are pleased to provide our customers with market-ready heat-treated timber products. We also offer a service to treat timber products you already own that were not manufactured by ourselves. So, if you need a bespoke pallet designing and treated, or just heat treatment for your current product, we are here for you.

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