As part of our range of exceptional services, we include a used pallet service. What this involves is the supply of used pallets for a number of benefits. Despite being previously used, these pallets have been rigorously examined and repaired with state-of-the-art techniques, as well as using reclaimed timber.

We stock a vast number of meticulously graded pallets to make sure your business gets reconditioned pallets to suit your needs. From light to heavy duty pallets, we can cater for all requirements. In fact, being the South West’s biggest pallet supply company, we have a ready and available stock of over 40,000 reconditioned units to be delivered immediately.

We also match our used timber pallet service’s quality with convenience. Even our recycled pallets can be coded by colour, so your business can effortlessly identify their contents. If needed, we can help you with your pallet pool management as well. Upon delivery of original pallets, we are more than happy to retrieve your old ones for repair and then bring them back to you.

Increase Revenue and Help The Planet

Choosing reconditioned pallets is a fantastic way of managing your costs. Recycled alternatives to new pallets are a much more cost-effective choice. Many businesses must now adhere to waste management obligations and opting for used pallets is a great way to evidence this, as they do not come with unnecessary packaging. Moreover, when we deliver new pallets, we will give you the option to pay you for your used pallets, which provides companies with an additional stream of revenue too!

To know more about our used timber pallets service, get in touch and one of our experienced team will be happy to help.