New timber pallets are almost always the best option for any warehouse operative and owner alike. Although you may not think it, new timber pallets have an impact on warehouse operations.

In this blog, we will show you how new timber pallets improve warehouse operations. Whilst providing supplementary information to help you find the best solutions, and the answers you need.

A and M Pallets Ltd is an established and respected supplier and producer of a wide array of pallets. Our services are designed to provide many industries with safe, strong and superior pallets of many varieties.

Our solutions are sure to help those in need of pallets for all sorts of logistical needs. We provide full pallet delivery and collection services in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, and Avon.

Should a warehouse use old timber pallets?

Timber pallets, depending on the quality of their production, have the ability to be re-used multiple times. This is generally a safe practice as long as the correct precautions are followed.

In most cases, a warehouse can re-use old timber pallets, but that is as long as there are no clear faults in the timber pallets, which includes…

  • Damages that resulted in pieces missing.
  • A misshapen pallet which has resulted in the pallet’s surface not being flat.
  • Rot or moisture damage.
  • Cracks or damages that have gone straight through the pallet.
  • Areas of the pallet that are loose.

By neglecting these signs, you run the risk of loading items onto a faulty pallet, this has the potential to break the pallet, damage or break the item on it, and injure the operative/operatives (sometimes fatally).

As a warehouse owner, your employees may also take legal action for not providing a safe environment or equipment that needed replacement or repair. The list of possibilities is not worth taking the risk over.

How do I get rid of unusable timber pallets?

Luckily, A and M Pallets Ltd have a collection service available for your timber pallets. Our eco-friendly solution helps to clear the clutter and creates extra space in your warehouse

Here’s why you’ll love our service:

  • Free Up Space: Reclaim valuable workspace by removing those unwanted pallets. Additionally, this will help to reduce accidents as there are fewer trip hazards.
  • Boost Safety: Reduce fire hazards and potential health and safety risks associated with cluttered areas.
  • Comply with Regulations: Ensure your business adheres to fire safety, insurance, and waste disposal regulations.
  • Go Green: Partner with a responsible company recognized by the Environment Agency for proper pallet disposal.
  • Earn Cash: We pay for pallets in various sizes, including European and UK standard sizes.
  • Peace of mind guaranteed: Our services comply with all relevant regulations, and we hold a valid Environmental Agency waste carrier licence (Licence No. CBDL123583).

Ready to transform your warehouse? Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation quote for our pallet collection service!

How new timber pallets improve warehouse operations

How new timber pallets improve warehouse operations

For the uninitiated, a new timber pallet may not seem like it has the potential to improve warehouse operations, but you would be mistaken. New timber pallets hold numerous benefits that allow them to benefit wherever they are used, especially warehouse operations. Let’s break it down…


New timber pallets can come in a variety of sizes that can be compatible with warehouse racking systems, and material handling equipment such as forklifts.

What’s more is that providers such as A and M Pallets Ltd have the ability to create custom pallets specifically for your needs, further enabling organisation, stacking, and movement of goods within any warehouse that uses our services.


New timber pallets help to increase the productivity of warehouse operations in two simple yet effective ways.

Firstly, a new timber pallet is stable and as sturdy as possible, it has an improved storage density. In simple terms, by using a new timber pallet, you have the ability to store more of your items on a pallet, with the ability to stack some of them too.

This not only allows for fewer instances of needing to manoeuvre a pallet, but can also make the most of vertical storage space in the warehouse.

Secondly, due to the strong constitution of new timber pallets, they can help to facilitate smooth and efficient loading and unloading of goods into a warehouse, or out of it. A faster loading and unloading process is critical in ensuring deliveries arrive on time.


New timber pallets are a cost-effective option for multiple reasons, including:

  • They are durable. New timber pallets are made with longevity and strength in mind, as a result they have the potential to be reused numerous time, this reduces the need for replacement pallets, and dramatically reduces overall pallet costs.
  • In most cases, minor damages on a new timber pallet can be repaired at an

inexpensive rate, this extends their lifespan, giving you the most value out of it.

  • In most cases, new timber pallets require less ongoing maintenance in comparison to alternative materials such as plastic.


As mentioned previously, new timber pallets are made to last, this is in terms of durability and repeated use. This means new timber pallets are going to be strong enough to support heavy loads with no compromise in the stability of the pallet.

This stability reduces the chance of the load collapsing, preventing any possible injury, in addition to damage to the transported item.

When dealing with wood, splinters are usually a concern, and can become very serious depending on where and how it gets stuck. This is why new timber pallets, specifically high-quality ones, are treated to minimise splintering.


With many business having been questioned on their eco-friendly practices, it is important that any detail that can be environmentally friendly is accounted for. Timber pallets fall into this nicely.

This is because timber pallets are naturally a renewable source. With many suppliers such as A and M Pallets Ltd using wood from sustainable sources. Furthermore, used pallets can easily be recycled at the end of their lifespan.

In conclusion, new timber pallets play a pivotal role in improving warehouse operations, this is only made better when using a high-quality new timber pallet. This simple yet critical piece of equipment doesn’t just make a warehouse operate better in one way, it helps in at least five ways!

How to order new timber pallets

How to order new timber pallets

The easiest way to order new timber pallets for your needs, and to your specification, is by contacting A and M Pallets Ltd.

A and M Pallets Ltd is a leading supplier of various pallets fo over 30 years. We know many of our customers have unique needs, this is why we cater specifically towards your exact preferences. We have the ability to design and manufacture almost anything you can ask for in a pallet. So what makes us special?

We cater to any quantity:

Need one pallet or a thousand? We’ve got you covered. For complete peace of mind, we offer samples so you can experience our premium craftsmanship first hand before committing to a large order.

Sustainability matters:

We source only virgin wood stock from the most responsible suppliers in the UK, supporting local sawmills and promoting environmentally conscious practices throughout our industry.

Experience the A&M difference:

Our time-tested production and delivery process ensures a smooth experience, getting you the high-quality pallets you need, exactly when you need them.

What to expect from new timber pallets

When you receive your new timber pallets, you should expect the following as standard:

  • Professional delivery: Expect careful handling of your new pallets.
  • Brand-new condition: Pristine wood, free from damage or wear.
  • Uniform construction: Consistent size and build for reliable stacking. (relative to your specifications).
  • Smooth surfaces: Safe for handling and minimizing product damage.
  • Standardized sizes: Compatible with most racking and forklift systems.
  • High-quality timber: Exceptional strength for heavy loads.
  • Optimized storage potential: The pallets can be stacked efficiently.
  • Streamlined operations: Their strong constitution results in faster loading, unloading, and overall workflow.
  • Long-lasting durability: Get years of reliable service from your pallets.

Invest in new timber pallets

Invest in new timber pallets

As the South West’s largest independent producer and supplier of new and reconditioned pallets, we at A and M Pallets Ltd pride ourselves on providing unrivalled services and the best possible pallets since 1989.

Our hard work, in addition to our loyal and ever-expanding customer base, has allowed us to provide comprehensive coverage through the South West and further afield though our four sites in St. Austell, Tavistock, Launceston and Willand.

Producing over 45,000 pallets a month, you can be sure we will have what you are looking for, whether it is used pallets, new pallets, plastic pallets or ISPM15 heat treated pallets, we are here to help.

In this blog, we hope to have shown you how new timber pallets improve warehouse operations, whilst providing helpful additional information, including our unparalleled services. Our expert team is here to help you on each step of your journey with us, for more information, you can contact us here, or find us below at:

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